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Signal Code Flags - Your Name

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Signal Code Flags - Your Name
Spencer's Room w/Signal Flags
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Code Flags/Letters
A - Alpha
B - Bravo
C - Charlie
D - Delta
E - Echo
F - Foxtrot
G - Golf
H - Hotel
I - India
J - Juliet
K - Kilo
L - Lima
M - Mike
N - November
O - Oscar
P - Papa
Q - Quebec
R - Romeo
S - Sierra
T - Tango
U - Uniform
V - Victor
W - Whiskey
X - X-Ray
Y - Yankee
Z - Zulu
& (Ampersand)
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Get your name or a family member's name/nickname in nautical code flags.  

Modern signal code flags are the foundation of the “International Code of Signals,” as administered by the International Maritime Organization, an arm of the United Nations. 

 While mostly supplanted in usage by electronic communications, signal code flags can still be used by military vessels, merchant ships and other official maritime groups. The maritime code flags are closely associated with the familiar “phonetic alphabet” such as “A – Alpha;” “B – Bravo;” and “C – Charlie …” Nautical code flags are a significant part of maritime history, used by ship captains to signal their navigational status, their mechanical status and emergency situations. 

Today, nautical signal code flags are frequently used as décor items, personalizing a child’s room, a family beach house, or a boater’s “man-cave.” Our Nautical Signal Code Flags are made of a poly-cotton blend fabric that combines durability with authenticity. They feature high quality double-stitch construction. Size: 10” x 14”. Includes wooden toggle button and cordage loop for easy hanging and stringing names & initials together.  Suitable for both indoor & outdoor use.  $4 drop ship fee will be added to total order.

Pricing is for each flag ordered.

CALL US TO ORDER - (727) 394-8978

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