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About Uniquely Nautical

Q. What is Uniquely Nautical?
A. Uniquely Nautical is a traveling marine art gallery & décor boutique plus a specialty Web store. We specialize in bringing to you some of the most unusual nautically-themed products you’ll find anywhere.

We scour the globe for high quality, stylish items that you won’t find in your typical yacht chandlery or décor & gift shops. We recognize that our customers have high standards in both sophistication and personal flair. Our product selections reflect those values.

 You’ll find us at most of the major boat shows, maritime events, and art fairs, especially on the East Coast of the U.S. Here’s our current schedule of events where we’ll be exhibiting.

Q. Where are you located?

A. Our home base is Redington Beach, Florida, USA, just west of Tampa and St. Petersburg. However, you can usually find us “on the road,” exhibiting at various boat shows, maritime festivals and art fairs/festivals. Please refer to our schedule of events for our upcoming shows and locations.

Q. Where are your products made?
A. All of our chart art and baseball/football/golf art is produced in the USA (Wisconsin). The artwork is 100% American-made. Our basic material – Baltic birch wood – is also American grown. Our fine art pieces are created by numerous American artists, many of them from right here in Florida. Most of our other products are also “made in America.” Some of our luxury products are imported from other countries including the U.K., Italy, Sweden, and France.

Chart Art
Q. How do you create your wooden chart art?
A. First off, we start with a single piece of Baltic birch wood. (There’s no laminating, layering or gluing involved in our chart-making process.)

Then, we use our laser-cutter to burn away the excess wood, using an X & Y axis cutting program on the computer. This allows us to cut both horizontally and vertically – the latter is what allows us to create the 3-D features on our chart art. The computer follows the drawing lines that our graphic artist creates for each new piece of chart art, including your own personalizations and customizations.

After the cutting process is complete, our skilled woodworking craftsmen hand-finish each art piece. They sand the face woods (land surfaces) to a furniture-quality finish. They, then, apply the chosen water color stain for all water areas on the chart art.

Next, they apply the clear-coat varnish to protect the wood. Finally, they fit your art into your selected wooden frame which again is finished by hand. The framing process uses special brass corner staples on the bottom to tightly connect the frame’s sides – an example of the high quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail that’s built in to each chart art piece.

Q: Do you use a CNC router to cut the wood?
A: No, the mechanical part of the creation of our chart art is done by a very accurate laser cutter. The laser allows us follow the precise outline of a landmass or location and to create exact increments of depth contours, following the depth lines such as on a chart. It also allows us to completely personalize and customize each piece of art.

Q. What types of personalizations do you offer?

A. We have a variety of different icons that we can “engrave” into the chart art. Examples of the icons include a house, a boat (sail or power), a business/store, a park/forest, a seaplane, an RV, a business logo, and a restaurant/bar, just to name a few.  We can even add a favorite photograph to your chart. We have a library of dozens of icons to choose from. Tell us what you’d like to see on your art and we can probably do it.

Q. What is the difference between personalizations and customizations?
A. Our base pricing for the (wall & table) chart art includes up to five (5) personalizations and ten (10) customizations.

Personalizations include the “engraving” of a home address, a boat name or profile drawing, family locations, a business name/logo/location. They cover anything that relates to your own personal family, business, and/or lifestyle.

Customizations are adjustments to the standard landmarks, roadways and cities/towns and the like included on our basic designs for a given area. These, typically, are features taken directly from the nautical charts and GoogleEarth® images we use as the basis for our graphics.

What is the difference between 2-D and 3-D art?
Essentially, the difference comes down to the thickness of the wood used in each piece of Chart Art.

For wall clocks, serving trays and our 16" x 20" wall art, the chart is created in 2-D or single level relief.  That is, the land masses are separated from the water areas by one level of laser cut into the wood.  The depth contour lines are drawn into the water areas, but are simply lines on the wooden chart.

By contrast, our 3-D art format is used on all of our larger wall art and table art pieces.  The 3-dimensional Chart Art presents the water depths in bathymetric relief, showing the (incremental) variations in water depths.  Each depth contour line is cut deeper by approx. 1/8" steps showing the progressively lower depths.  We can create the 3-dimensional effect because the Baltic Birch wood on these pieces have a greater thickness (about 2") that allows us to cut deeper into the wood.

What is the deliver time for Chart Art orders?
It depends on several factors.  First, if your order is for a "generic" product such as a Serving Tray or Wall Clock, we'll ship it almost immediately if it's already in stock.  If not, it usually takes about 2-3 weeks of production time to ship your order.

For custom Chart Art, such as Wall Art or Table Art, there is a fair amount of customization with almost every order.  Thus, shipping time is VERY dependent on client approval of the final artwork/graphic design.  Once the artwork is approved, depending on the size of the Chart Art ordered, typically it takes about 6-8 weeks to produce and ship your Chart Art. 

Obviously, during "high volume" ordering periods (pre-Christmas, post-Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day) the production process may take a bit longer.

Fine Art

Q. What artists do you represent?
A. We represent and exhibit fine artwork from two Tampa Bay-area artists: Eric Polins and Vince Anthony.

Eric Polins is an accomplished artist who works primarily with acrylics on canvas. He has had several one-man shows at galleries in the Tampa area. A long-time sailor, Eric uses his paints and brushes to capture the nautical scenes he loves, from sailboat racing to exotic beach scenes.

Vince Anthony is a “wild & crazy guy” who transforms his creativity into metal sculptures, many with a maritime and wildlife focus. From big game fish (sailfish, marlin, sharks) to mystical mermaids, Vince’s art is both flowing and distinctive. Many of his works are decorated with glass chips and beads, reflecting Vince’s passion for bright colors to spruce up his sometimes-abstract metal work.

Baseball & Golf Art
Q. Why baseball, football and golf art?

A. Simple - our chief product artist has a passion for these sports. Thus, it’s natural that he extends his love of these sports into his artistic work. Plus, there’s substantial interest and demand from customers like you.

Baseball & football stadiums are very much 3-Dimensional objects. They lend themselves to reproduction as 3-D and 2-D artwork. Plus, fans are very loyal to their chosen teams. Thus, they usually have a strong attachment to their team’s home field. Having a graphic representation of your team’s stadium is like hitting a grand slam or a “hail Mary pass” – the ultimate … in this case, for home, office or boat décor.

Golfers, too, are impassioned about their sport. They’ll endure the heat of the day, a light rain, and, even, snow on the ground (orange balls, please) to get in their next round. And, each golf course is a distinctive design in its own right – perfect subject matter for golf art! Thus, our wooden golf art is highly sought-after by golf aficionados because it allows them to regularly relive that lowest score … that memorable foursome … or that longest drive that hit the green in one. With our golf art, golfers can replay each hole, anticipate their next round or fantasize about playing a major tournament site such as Augusta or Pebble Beach.

Return Policy
Q. What is your policy regarding returning items?

A. For a full description of our return policy, please go to our “Return Policy” page. Briefly, however, we will accept returns on our product if they are defective, damaged in shipment or delivered in the wrong size/style/color. We do not accept returns on items that have been customized or personalized, especially including our chart and baseball/golf artwork.

All sales are final after 21 days.

Q. Where do I send returns to?

A. All returns should be sent via UPS delivery to:
Uniquely Nautical – Décor & Gifts
16007 Gulf Boulevard
Redington Beach, FL 33708

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