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Availability:  Each piece of Chart Art is custom designed and produced.  Call for Details


You're never far from your favorite cruising grounds with 3-D Nautical Chart Art on your wall.

"Striking."  "Stylish."  "Sophisticated."    That's how your friends will react to this awesome art-form and nautical decor feature.  It's the perfect way to decorate your home, office or boat.  Adds a location feature to your coastal lifestyle.  Shows off your favorite cruising waters.  Rejuvenates your boating and vacation memories every time you look at it.

The water depths are stepped in 1/8" increments, following the depth contour lines on the nautical chart.  The result is a fabulous 3-Dimensional representation of your favorite waters.

Laser-sculpted from a single sheet of high-quality Baltic birch wood - no gluing or lamination involved! Each piece is unique due to variations in wood coloring and grain patterns.  Available for any body of water or geography world-wide.  Over 200 waterways, locations & geographies currently available.

Popular waterways and geographies include:

  • The Great Lakes          
  • Chesapeake Bay
  • Long Island Sound
  • Cape Cod + Nantucket & Martha's Vineyard
  • Florida & Florida Keys
  • San Francisco Bay
  • Lake Winnipesaukee
  • + Hundreds More Locations

Personalize your chart art with your home's location, your boat, custom text, family info, or other special features.  

Choose your chart face wood:  Baltic Birch (standard), Curly Maple (premium upgrade) or Birdseye Maple (premium upgrade.)  

Choose your frame wood:  Oak, Cherry, Walnut (standard), or Padauck or Black (premium upgrade.) 

Choose your frame width:  3/4" Wide (standard) or 2" Wide (premium upgrade.)


24" x 30"/20" x 34"                                                                  From $995.00

28" x 35"/24" x 42"                                                                  From $1500.00

32" x 40"                                                                                    From $2200.00

30" x 50"                                                                                    From $2400.00

36" x 45"                                                                                     From $2800.00

40" x 50"                                                                                     From $3900.00

16"x 20", 2-D                                                             $349.00

Wall art and tables are custom designed to your selections (above) and your personalizations.   "First Edition" fee applies for new (previously undrawn) chart designs.

Please call us to discuss or order your chart art:  (727) 394-8978(727) 394-8978.



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