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2-D Chart Art


You're never far from your favorite cruising grounds with 2-D Nautical Chart Art on your wall.

Striking. Stylish. Sophisticated. That's how your friends will react to this awesome art-form.

The water depths are laser-drawn, following the depth contour lines on the nautical chart. The result is a fabulous 2-Dimensional representation of your favorite waters.

Laser-crafted from high-quality Baltic birch woods. Each piece is unique due to variations in wood coloring and grain patterns. Available for any body of water or geographyworld-wide. Over 200 waterways, locations & geographies currently available.

Popular waterways and geographies include:

  • The Great Lakes
  • Chesapeake Bay
  • Long Island Sound
  • Cape Cod + Nantucket & Martha's Vineyard
  • Florida & Florida Keys
  • San Francisco Bay
  • Lake Winnipesaukee
  • + Hundreds More Locations

Choose your chart face wood: Baltic Birch (standard), Curly Maple (premium upgrade) or Birdseye Maple (premium upgrade.)

Choose your frame wood: Oak, Cherry, Walnut (standard), or Padauck or Black (premium upgrade.)

Choose your frame width: 3/4" Wide (standard) or 2" Wide (premium upgrade.)

16" x 20" Chart Art is priced at $349.00 for standard art offering (Baltic Birch face wood + standard frame width and wood selection.) Ask us for pricing on premium upgrades for face wood and framing.

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